Effect of stress on regulatory divergence and Nutrient Rice

Dr. Nelzo C. Ereful
NIAB, Cambridge
Effect of stress on regulatory divergence and Nutrient Rice.

Effect of stress on regulatory divergence in rice:
We want to dissect the regulatory differences (i.e. cis, trans and their interactions) of two intra-sub-specifically related rice genotypes, IR64 and Apo, using RNA-seq to explain their contrasting response against drought stress. Given the changing climatic conditions, various stresses may contribute to further drive regulatory divergence that will eventually bring evolutionary changes.

Molecular Characterization and Genetic Analysis of Nutritional Components of Philippine Indigenous Pigmented Rice Germplasm
NutrientRice, aims to identify rice accessions as potential donors of high nutrient and antioxidant traits with good grain quality, and to integrate the identified genetic donors into PhilRice rice breeding programmes, thereby improving the nutritional value, as well as the grain quality of modern rice varieties.
This is a BBSRC-funded project with partners from the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines. More information can be found here.