Second UKRRC Early Career Researcher Meeting

Save the date! 

16th  and 17th September 2021, University of Nottingham

Following on from the successful inaugural UK Rice Consortium meeting for Early Career Researchers in 2020 we will hold a second meeting in Nottingham in the Autumn of 2021, supported by the Rank Prize Committee for PhD students, Postdocs and Fellows.

The intention is that this will be a face-to-face meeting to enhance interactions

This 2-day meeting will be focussed on providing a forum for all postdocs and PhD students involved in rice research projects to come together and exchange ideas and experience on working with rice in the UK. The meeting will be very much led by the researchers themselves, providing them the opportunity to both network (find out about the range of rice research being performed across the country) but with a focus on the nuts-and-bolts of rice research in the lab and field.

Aim of the meeting

The aim is to generate and share knowledge on fundamental yet essential topics for those working directly on rice research, such as: growing and phenotyping; obtaining rice lines and transgenics; genomic resources and how to access them; the challenges (and opportunities) of working with overseas collaborators, plus other topics raised by the participants themselves.

By coming together and sharing best practice and experience, we hope to instigate a network of early career researchers who can help each other to advance rice research in the UK, ensuring that we can contribute most effectively to the global research efforts on this vital crop.

Schedule, guest speakers, registration and abstract submission to be announced soon.