UKRRC Early Career Rice Researcher Meeting 2022

We are holding this year’s UKRRC Early Career Rice Researcher Meeting in Durham University on 5-6th September 2022 (in person).

The main aim of this meeting is to bring together mainly early career researchers to explore and understand working with rice in the UK and the challenges faced through a series of talks and discussion panels.

This meeting is open to PhD students, post-docs and Fellows working in any area of rice research (or planning work in rice). The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for early career researchers to network and form collaborations through exchange of ideas from lab-based methods to computational approaches.

The meeting will also feature talks from senior researchers working on rice to benefit early career researchers.

Contact details:



Second UKRRC Early Career Researcher Meeting

Registration is OPEN for the second UKRRC Early Career Researcher Meeting

The University of Nottingham is hosting the UK Rice Researcher’s Consortium meeting for Early Career Researchers on the 16th  and 17th September 2021.

This meeting is open to PhD students, post-docs and Fellows working in any area of rice research (or planning work in rice) and focussed on providing a forum for all postdocs and PhD students involved in rice research projects to come together and exchange ideas and experience on working with rice in the UK.

We hope this meeting will mark a welcome return to normality after recent hardship!

It will be led by the researchers themselves, providing them the opportunity to both network (find out about the range of rice research being performed across the country) but with a focus on the nuts-and-bolts of rice research in the lab and field.

Speakers include:

  • Andy Jones (University of Liverpool)
  • Sigrid Heuer (Rothamsted Research)
  • Ajay Kohli (International Rice Research Institute)
  • Rahul Bhosale (University of Nottingham)
  • Adam Price (University of Aberdeen)

Preliminary Programme outline

16 September

Morning: Arrival and check-in

11:30    Workshop opening presentation

12:00    Talks

13:00    Lunch (provided)

Session 1: Rice resources in the UK

14:00    Keynote speaker

14:30    Talks and refreshments

16:30    Interactive Career session with speakers and general discussion

17:30    Poster session, networking and drinks

19:30    Dinner

17 September

09:00    Keynote speaker

09:30    International speaker (virtual)

10:30    Coffee break

Session 2: Diversity of rice research in the UK (all topics)

10:50    Talks

12:00    Discussion session

12:30    Poster session and lunch (provided)

14:00    Funding: Talk from the BBSRC followed by discussion

14:30    Rank Prize giving announcements

14:50    Final discussion: take home messages from ERC to the UKRRC (we invite comments on post it notes on boards throughout the meeting)

15:20    Final remarks, coffee and close

The Rank Prize Fund is kindly supporting this meeting and up to £1000 worth of prizes for Scientific Excellence will be awarded (

Abstract submission instructions:

Email a 250 word (max) abstract to

In your email please indicate whether you are offering an oral presentation or a poster (include title, names and affiliation).

Abstract deadline: 1st September.

This will be an in-person meeting at the Jubilee Campus Conference Centre and Hotel, Nottingham.

Registration and payment now open:

Conference registration:  £120

Accommodation (B&B) on 16th Sept at the DeVere Jubilee Conference centre and hotel: £85 (reduced rate)

Conference Dinner on the 16th Sept: £30

Register here:

Registration will close one week before the event but we strongly advise registering early. Please send in your abstract by the 1st September.

If you want to attend but can’t register yet then please email or to state your intention.

More details

The aim of this meeting is to generate and share knowledge on fundamental yet essential topics for those working directly on rice research, such as: growing and phenotyping; obtaining rice lines and transgenics; genomic resources and how to access them; the challenges (and opportunities) of working with overseas collaborators, plus other topics raised by the participants themselves. By coming together and sharing best practice and experience, we hope to instigate a network of early career researchers who can help each other to advance rice research in the UK, ensuring that we can contribute most effectively to the global research efforts on this vital crop.

Covid Safety

The conference and university follows government guidance on Covid safety and while we will not require negative tests or vaccination proof, we will maintain policies to minimise transmission as follows.

Face coverings: we expect and recommend that face coverings be worn when moving around the venue and in crowded and enclosed spaces. The building and venue is well ventilated.

Hand sanitiser will remain in situ in the buildings and will be provided and replenished.  We recommend individuals to bring their own wipes and personal hand sanitiser if preferred. We will implement a policy to avoid transmission through sharing AV equipment for speakers.

Lunches are currently, and will continue, to be served in individual portions in bento boxes which minimises the risk of transmission.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with