The Green Rice Project

Professor Adam Price
University of Aberdeen
Sustainable Production of Safe Rice.

Adam Price, Gareth Norton, Wendy Russel, Janet Kyle, Pete Smith, Jo Smith, Paul Hallett, Jeorg Feldmann, Eva Krupp and Andrea Raab,

In the University of Aberdeen there are 10 academics in biology, human nutrition, applied health and chemistry fields conducting research on rice with the main aims of quantifying and reducing greenhouse gas production, improving resource use efficiency through genetics and management, and reducing the concentration of toxic elements in the diet especially arsenic.
There are five main research areas being Rice Genetics (genetic mapping and transcriptomics), Rice Root Research (soil physics, high throughput screening), Analytical Chemistry (ionomics, field-based arsenic measurement, dietary component analysis), Adaptation to Low Water Input (alternate wetting and drying, interactions with nematodes and mycorrhiza) and Modelling and Climate Change (farm scale and global modelling). Collaborations have mainly been in India, China, Bangladesh, Brazil and the EU (Italy, France and Spain), and the research has resulted in 130+ publications in the last 10 years.

Clockwise from top left: Field work in Italy, root diversity, mycorrhiza in roots, imaging arsenic in rice grains, genome wide association mapping cadmium tolerance and modelling carbon sequestration in Bangladesh soils.